Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Holistic Alternative Services (HAS) where you can immerse yourself in ‘yourself’ through our range of empowering services and programs.

HAS offers a wide range of holistic workshops, classes and treatments to care and support your body, mind and spirit. Workshops, classes and treatments can be delivered from a couple of hours through to two days, with options for overnight stays.

HAS facilitator and owner Carmen G Mendoza supports each person from a deeply holistic point of view, bringing together the spiritual, emotional and physical needs to honour each individual.

Carmen holds the following accreditations:

  • Certificate in Meditation Teaching
  • Holistic Human Development
  • Certificate in Art
  • Yoga Teaching
  • Holistic Counselling
  • Community Services
  • Special Needs

Carmen also has over twenty years of hands-on experience working in Australia and abroad providing services to various bodies such as:

  • Montessori schools
  • Steiner schools
  • Natural Learning Rythm Family Programs
  • Indigenous Educational Exchange Programs
  • Running programs in nation-wide and international indigenous communities
  • Department of Education

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and I’ll be happy to look at options that work for you.

Thank you so much

An enjoyable, relaxing, mindful & productive day was had attending Carmen’s Drum Making workshop. After creating a beautiful looking & sounding instrument, in a safe space with materials provided by Carmen & under her expert tutilage, those in the small group were given the opportunity to experience a Sharmanic spirit retrieval ritual. A worthwhile experience & day well spent.Celia

Celia L

I have participated in various workshops with Carmen. I invited her to run her amazing Drum Making workshop at my Purple Angel Healing Centre in Sydney and all participants were delighted to meet and work with her. She creates a safe lovely space for this type of work and has a calm, nurturing and embracing style of connecting with people.

She also offered an interesting Essential Oils workshop where all the participants learnt a lot about the powerful Medicine of the plants… in a bottle! She is very knowledgeable and loves sharing all about essential oils, how to use them, how to combine them to create beautiful healing blends.

I created my own Healing Rattle with Carmen’s guidance in an insightful day. After Opening Circle, connecting and then tapping into a journey of creation with the power of Rattle, was a soul touching experience. The day finished with a women’s circle, facilitated by Carmen where we connected with all participants, chanted and even danced!

Every workshop with Carmen is a wonderful discovery day packed with soul touching moments. She comes and works from a Heart place, respecting everyone’s individuality, times and rhythms. She has a relaxed way of teaching and I am honoured to invite her to teach at my healing Centre, as well as attending her workshops.

Claudia P