Claudia P

I have participated in various workshops with Carmen. I invited her to run her amazing Drum Making workshop at my Purple Angel Healing Centre in Sydney and all participants were delighted to meet and work with her. She creates a safe lovely space for this type of work and has a calm, nurturing and embracing style of connecting with people.

She also offered an interesting Essential Oils workshop where all the participants learnt a lot about the powerful Medicine of the plants… in a bottle! She is very knowledgeable and loves sharing all about essential oils, how to use them, how to combine them to create beautiful healing blends.

I created my own Healing Rattle with Carmen’s guidance in an insightful day. After Opening Circle, connecting and then tapping into a journey of creation with the power of Rattle, was a soul touching experience. The day finished with a women’s circle, facilitated by Carmen where we connected with all participants, chanted and even danced!

Every workshop with Carmen is a wonderful discovery day packed with soul touching moments. She comes and works from a Heart place, respecting everyone’s individuality, times and rhythms. She has a relaxed way of teaching and I am honoured to invite her to teach at my healing Centre, as well as attending her workshops.