Paula A

The very first time that you birth a drum or enter into any shamanic practice it leaves an imprint in your being, it moves you in such deep and loving ways. Well, that was the case for me when I stepped into the world of magik and connection to the earth, the animals, the elements, our ancestors with Carmen.
From the moment we stepped through the door it felt truly magikal, it felt like truth, honour, and true connection lived here and it was like I was being welcomed home by a dear missed loved one. Carmen radiates a loving connection that is purely unique to her. We laughed, we learned, we sat in awe and joy together like old friends, family. Carmen is simply beautiful, wise, compassionate, and oozes loving acceptance. Just being in her presence is a gift. A gift that I will always cherish. I could not recommend attending any of the services that she offers more. I will always be in love with her being. 🙏🏼🌿🤍