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Chair Yoga Classes is suitable for people with limited mobility, living in wheelchairs and for those who find conventional floor yoga too difficult or have balance issues. Chair Yoga is gentle and offers most of the same benefits of other Yoga styles. There are many known benefits you can experience from learning and regularly practicing yoga.

Class duration is 1 hour.

Example link of Chair Yoga exercises: Chair Yoga Surya Namaskar practice

Meditation Classes shows us how to relax, reduce stress and to use mediation to improve your health and happiness.

These Meditation classes are suitable for beginners, intermediate levels and people wanting to return to meditation. These meditation styles are non-religious and suitable for people from all cultural backgrounds.

Meditation can:
– Increase energy – Unleash creativity – Relieves insomnia – Lowers blood pressure – Aids in weight loss – Reduce fear and anxiety – Creates inner peace – Calming – Helps reverse heart disease – Overall wellbeing – Supports better Communication

Class Goals:
At the end of this course students will feel comfortable and confident about practicing meditation.
You will have a good understanding of the fight or flight reaction, understand their own stress responses and be able to disengage from a stress response fairly quickly.
You will have chosen a meditation style that feels best and suits you and regularly practice meditation in your own time.
You will be able to report a noticeable improvement in your daily life through the regular practice of Meditation.

Class Duration:
This course is divided into six, 1.5 hour lessons.
Can also be run as a day workshop over one six-hour day.

Example link of History and Theory of Mediation: History and Theory of Meditation

Rattle & Shamanic Hand Drums Workshops are an act of creation.  A drum is a medicine tool from our hearts, with our hands, for the earth. A drum helps us to connect to the heartbeat of Mother Earth to quiet our mind.

The human mind fixates upon the monotonous and repetitiveness. Constant rhythms used in Meditation & Chanting  have a direct effect upon the brain function and mood of the involved listener. This allows the expression of one’s own uniqueness and to create a relationship with the Spirit of the instrument tools.

Shamanic Rattles can vary as we use anything and everything we want as we are able to get creative to make anything and everything together.  It’s fun and it’s exciting to see what results can be achieved when allowing our creative intuition to take place in exploring various options allowing us to discover Art and Craft in our own flavour.

Spend a day in Circle in Sacred Space birthing your Medicine Tools in the energy of chanting and ritual as we create together.

Workshop Goals: At the completion of Workshop you will have your own Medicine tools to support you in whatever your intention is for their use. There is a drying process of approximately 9 days after the creation process and after the drying time your tools will be ready.

Workshop Duration: The Drum Making and Rattle Making Workshops are approximately 5 to 6 hours.

Corporate Stress Management Workshops

Herbs, Plants & Essential Oils Classes are explored utilising them in lots of creative ways. Learn how to make your own Aromatherapy Roller Blends, Massage Oils, Creams, Ointments, Mist Sprays and more. Empower yourself and your family with your own 100% Natural products.

I provide a variety of Workshops and if any of the following Workshops are not what you need then please contact me so that we can tailor your own Workshop according to your needs.

The duration of each Workshop is approximatly 4 hours:

  • First Aid Kit Workshop
  • Baby Blends Workshop
  • Mum Skincare Workshop
  • Mature Skin Care Workshop
  • Candle Workshop
  • Soap Making Workshop